Website Conversion – the holy grail!

Website conversion - the holy grailSEO maybe what

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we all think we need – ie getting loads of visitors from the search engines. And indeed, this is important. Or the more creative of us may believe that the

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most important thing is to have a bea-u-ti-full website that just makes our site visitors go wow! Again, a well designed website is very important. However, there is little point in a beautiful website, that attracts tons of visitors, if these visitors do not go on and engage with you or buy your services, ie if they don’t convert – and THIS, is the real holy grail! Continued…

How ready is your business for social media?

57% enterprises are making some investment into social media in 2011 (based on data from Forresters)
Social media is a disruptive technology as it changes how a company operates. No organisation can adopt social media unless the underlying business processes, workflow and resources are aligned with the social media strategy and tools to manage this oppblåsbare Pools.
Altimer Group recently released a report based on research they have done into the social readiness of businesses. Continued…

From schools to Academies: cloudy times or silver linings for schools marketing?

In these thrifty times, let’s spare a thought for the local Comprehensive,

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usually fairly well protected from the commercial world and its associated ups and downs. But not this time. Arguably the education industry is going through a period of even greater change than any other sector with more ground breaking government initiatives than ever before. The pace of imposed change has been electric with Heads having to fill in the gaps and manage the day to day while Central Government finishes what it started with the new education policies and while Local Government works out what this means for them. For schools, very little remains certain. Teacher’s employers, Union memberships, school structures, the National Curriculum, school ownership, teacher’s pensions…. absolutely nothing is sacred. And all this in what is traditionally one of the best protected, most secure roles out there Module Art Panels. Local Authorities have acted as a service provider and safety net for the vast majority of state schools for decades but are now losing their grip as more and more Heads seek independence through Academy status with its promises of greater budgetary control and more money to play with. The Authorities’ input into running and providing services to schools is diminishing fast and as more schools turn away from them, their income will drop, so their level of service will have to fall accordingly. As a result, more schools will turn away from them… the archetypal slippery slope! This freedom will see schools procuring their own services, hopeful to get a better deal from the private sector than that provided by the Local Authority. Heads will need to privately source everything from solicitors, cleaners, caterers and counsellors to recruitment, staff training, payroll, HR, PR and crisis management services… you name jumping castles For the Local Authority staff of course this is very bad news, and we’ve all read the headlines and seen the stats. But for local solicitors, cleaners and caterers…, potentially very good news! Perhaps every cloud does after all have a silver lining as this presents a huge opportunity, at last something for the small business

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to be excited about. But it’s not just local suppliers who are getting excited. The big boys are on the ball, with the likes of Deloitte, Capita and Serco amongst many others coming out to play with great offers to plug this newly formed gap in the market, wholesale. So suddenly, schools are featuring in marketing plans across the country. Hot prospects. But those who have had anything to do with marketing to schools know that the usual rules of B2B engagement don’t apply, so beware how you court this opportunity. During a recent workshop with Heads, I was told (even in the current climate) “If I see a brochure from a corporate and a brochure from a charity offering the same thing, even if the charity is more expensive, I’ll go with the charity every time”. And today in a similar workshop, “We want to work with the providers who can’t afford the big glossy brochures”. Clearly values and ethics take precedent over price, even when budgets are going backwards and a strong, established brand is not always appreciated. Schools are quite unique and certainly don’t fit the usual B2B marketing model. Fax-back forms (remember those?) are still posted into schools and religiously faxed back as a popular response mechanism in direct mail campaigns. If schools get the slightest sniff of the hard sell, they run a mile. Opening a conversation with key decision makers in a school is notoriously difficult with school office staff protecting their team from ruthless telesales agents with the ferocity only matched by doctor’s receptionists. But once you have proved yourself, they are some of the most loyal customers out there, rarely changing suppliers once they have built up a relationship and a track record, a pleasure to do business with. So, do these new Academies present an opportunity for a little light in otherwise dark times? Yes, absolutely and this will only increase as more and more schools convert in the next few years. But don’t turn your back on Local Authorities either because this transition won’t happen overnight. With so many cuts to be made, they need more external support than ever, particularly if you can evidence same year cost savings as a return on their investment. At Cube4 Marketing, we are advising a number of clients in the education sector how to make the most of this changing world of schools marketing and the new opportunity it creates. Market insights are essential if you are to capitalise on this opportunity, to the benefit of schools and your business. Get it wrong and it is just another big black hole to tip your marketing spend into.

Avoid silo’s in business – don’t forget the customer at the center.

Avoid business silos - customer in the centreMckinsey published an article recently which struck

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a real chord. It is entitled “we’re all marketers now” and it got me thinking. I absolutely agree, but haven’t we marketers been saying this for years? I guess it is just becoming much more prevalent in this digital age as the numbers of ways we can engage with our customers have exploded. Continued…

How Customers Research Purchases & Decisions Online

Over the past few few years how people research and buy online has changed significantly. It’s about permission based marketing not push marketing and proving your credibility and worth. With statistics such as 90% purchases are researched online, and people who use social media are more likely to purchase online companies need

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landscape of the sales funnel has changed. Continued…

Survival & Strategy in a Double Dipper!

More in this video: Essays

So, au revoir Jobs, Cash and Hope. We’re not talking about a firm of dodgy solicitors, nor about Steve, Johnny and Bob, although, of course, they are all sorely missed. ‘Interesting times’ are slowly but surely turning into ‘hard times’ as the threat of a ‘double-dip’ recession looms – and that’s not a reference to declining Greek demand for taramasalata and yoghurt! Whether the recession is U shape, V shape, W shape or, more probably, hockey stick shaped, it’s not going to be over any time soon. Outcomes are hard to predict, as we’re in

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largely uncharted waters with a unique perfect storm: unprecedented sovereign debt levels meets structural problems in the banking sector, exacerbated by simultaneously subdued global demand. Continued…

Pfizer Sandwich – any crumbs of comfort?

Last week’s news that 2,400 jobs would be lost as Pfizer closes its Kent R & D facility sent shockwaves through the UK Pharma sector. Pfizer – developer of Viagra – has been in the garden of England for over 50 years, originally in Folkestone in 1952, then two years’ later moving to Sandwich jumping castle. Continued…

Not necessarily a Chile wind for business?

Dust has long settled on the Chilean mining rescue. The more prosaic facts about the San Jose incident are now well publicised: 33 miners; 2,260 feet underground; 35 degrees below ground contrasting with 5 degrees above ground; 70 days duration; £14m cost of the rescue. A good-news story for these gloomy economic times? Continued…

Ralph Lauren Outlet UK

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Tiffany Jewellery UK

tiffany indicating a beta adjusted underperformance of 608 If you feel a headache or wooziness coming on, you are dangerously close to not holding your liquor. That ‘buzz’ you get from alcohol is your body’s way of telling you that things are going to explode very soon if you don’t stop drinking. Consume your alcohol more slowly throughout the evening so that you can always monitor the effects of each drink. Cheap Tiffany Jewelry While optimizing for Bing is generally a good idea anyway, those who see a good deal of traffic from Yahoo Search, are going to want to give this some special attention.Presumably, it doesn’t matter if you rank well in Yahoo now, if you don’t rank well in Bing. At least it won’t matter when the change comes. If you’re ranked number 1 in Yahoo, but you’re on the 7th page in Bing, you’ve got some work to do.iCrossing Search Strategist David Shapiro gave some good advice in a recent blog post.Tiffany Sale I dabbled in it, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. I completely disagree with it. CrossFit causes unnecessary injuries and is dangerous. It is

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about one and half mile from one end to the other end. It features bags, purses, sparkling rings, jewellery and designer watches and belts. Students get 10% discount when you purchase anything in store.. Tiffany Co UK One of the simplest ways to bring a Tiffany shower theme to life is with linens in the distinctive light blue shade associated with Tiffany boxes and bags. For an elegant look, cover your tables in Tiffany blue tablecloths that reach for the floor. You can layer the blue over a longer white tablecloth to give the table a crisp, clean look. Tiffany UK After a busy day of meetings or exploring the area retreat to the comfort of our Covington Kentucky hotel featuring a breathtaking skyline and Ohio River views combined with the convenience of extensive amenities and services at your fingertips. Settle into one of our fine Cincinnati hotel rooms newly renovated in 2008 and featuring all new suite furnishings and two 32 inch high definition LCD TVs. As always our two room suites boast a separate living room and bedroom along with accoutrements like a microwave mini refrigerator and coffee maker. Tiffany Jewellery UK In 1885, further establishing itself of the darling of the USA, they were commissioned to redesign the Great Seal of the United States of America. This can still be seen on the one dollar bill. A true American company through and through Tiffany’s also designed the Super Bowl trophy in 1967 and in 2004 the NASCAR indicating a beta adjusted underperformance of 619Tiffany Sale Food is light and healthy for lunch and dinner. Guests can enjoy numerous seafood, meat and vegetable items off the buffet or order dishes individually. Dishes include honey chicken, shrimp lo mein, seafood delight and pepper steak with onion. Second it will help deepen our engagement with diners who are already familiar with OpenTable by exposing them to new ways to enjoy our service.Third, it will help strengthen our relationships with restaurant owners as we layer on new features and insights to enhance the hospitality they deliver to their guests; and finally, it will allow us to explore new ways to leverage the power of the network such as our new payment solution.As a company focused on the reservation transaction, we have built a powerful backbone that connects restaurants and diners. We believe the convenience and benefits that our diners and restaurant customers enjoy today are just the beginning of the value we can deliver as a company focused more broadly on the experience of dining out.For example, we want the host to recognize you as you walk in the door and welcome you by name. We want you to know just what to order, because you can see dish photos with notes from the chef and other diners, and we want you to be able to get up and leave whenever you want, because you’ve already paid using the OpenTable

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of the “seller’s market.” Estate sets of 12 and their accompanying serving pieces are extremely rare. If yours includes the wooden storage chest, so much the better, as it becomes even more valuable. Contact a prominent auction house and request an appraisal. Tiffany Jewellery Sale Richard Driehaus’ main collection of Tiffany can be found right at Navy Pier, the Driehaus Museum is architectural detailing the extensive wood molding and if you look closely you will see the double brick walls. The entire mansion is built of brick because the first owner was afraid of fire. Even the barrel ceilings are full brick.. Tiffany Sale The truth is that retail, no matter what medium it takes, is all about one thing: customer service. If you are selling the same product as someone else, you must compete either on price, service, or value. Retail concepts extend far beyond the traditional retail industry, spreading into other areas such as healthcare, food, and defense.Tiffany Jewellery UKtiffany indicating a beta adjusted underperformance of 684 basis points I had a “barely there” line when my OPK started blinking m. But I thought I was imagining things so I tried again the next morning and it was still “barely there” I spent all day researching evaporation lines. Waited and held off going to the bathroom for about 4 hours and then used another one and got another “barely there”. Tiffany Jewellery Sale Technically speaking, anything that elevates your heart rate is Traditional steady state cardio (think running a 5K, using the elliptical machine, or doing step aerobics) can be beneficial in terms of fat loss at least for a while. But your body adapts to any stress placed on it. Over time, the work required to, say, run a 5K will decrease as your fitness improves. Tiffany Sale The market gave back most of its overall gains and ended up near where it started, but the positive news was welcome news for investors and traders as one of the worst Thanksgiving weeks in the market since the Great Depression. New home sales were out on the day as well. They came in at expectations at 307K, but the market has plenty

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